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Meet the Team

 scott gilchrist


Pastor Scott Gilchrist

Scott has been pastor of Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, Oregon, since 1979. His sermons and teaching from the radio ministry "Downtown Bible Class" are the messages heard on the Romans Project Mp3 player.


 rick calenberg  

Dr. Rick Calenberg

International Director

Rick has been a Bible teacher and missionary for over 35 years. In 2012, he joined the Romans Project as our International Coordinator. Based in Euless, Texas, Rick travels often to shepherd the many in-country, National Directors around the globe.

National (in-country) Directors

The Romans Project is an effective tool for two simple reasons:

First, the only curriculum used is the Bible itself! And second, the reliability and hard work of the local men on the ground. Our National Directors are godly leaders who have personally experienced the impact of reading Romans (as well as other passages from Scripture) repeatedly and have seen their lives and ministries transformed. They are eager and committed to equip other pastors in the same way!


Titus Turaki

National Director - Nigeria

Titus Turaki is the Training Coordinator for the Evangelical Missionary Society in Nigeria. He learned of the Romans Project in 2011 and began promoting it shortly after he finished the reading. Since then, thousands of Nigerian pastors have followed his example and given themselves to the word of God.


Eremias Bekele

National Director - Ethiopia

Eremias, who also serves with Great Commission Ministry Ethiopia, has a commitment to teach and equip pastors, church teachers and campus leaders for effective study and clear and accurate exposition of the Word of God.


Abel Banafoe

National Director - Ghana

Abel has been involved with the Romans Project since meeting Pastor Scott Gilchrist at the Challenge Pastors Conference in 2012, in Accra. He enthusiastically agreed to coordinate the details of the Project in Ghana in 2014.


Ken Onywoki

National Director - Kenya

After two successful pastors conferences in May of 2012 in Nairobi and Kisumu, the first Romans Project leadership team meeting was held on June 2012. From that meeting it was decided that Pastor Ken Onywoki would serve as National Coordinator and oversee promotion, planning and development of the Project in Kenya.


Momo Senah

National Director - Liberia

The Romans Project originated in Liberia when missionary John Corey provided Mp3 players to local pastors including Momo. Momo’s heart to see fellow pastors equipped to teach God’s word made him a perfect fit as National Coordinator.


Daniel Turay

National Director - Sierra Leone

Pastor Daniel Turay of Good Shepherd ministries in Kenema, learned of the Romans Project through contact with missionary John Corey. After traveling to Liberia to meet with Pastor Momo Senah, he returned home and the project in Sierra Leone began in the spring of 2011.


Allen Koki

National Director - Uganda

Allen is on staff with Proclaim Africa which has a common commitment to teach and equip church leaders to teach the Bible. Allen’s competent leadership has brought momentum to the Romans Project in Uganda and we are pleased to see pastors from all evangelical denominations coming together around God's Word.


Cesar Tallada

National Director - The Philippines

Cesar enthusiastically accepted the role as coordinator following the launch of the Romans Project in the Philippines in May 2013. Pastor Titus Turaki traveled from Nigeria to help launch the project with three pastors conferences, two in Manilla and one in Mindoro.


Albert Mabasi

National Director - Rwanda

Albert is a man of forgiveness, with a deep passion for reconciliation. He wants to see his fellow Rwandans moving forward through Bible-centered Gospel teaching.

Kenosi Molato sm

Kenosi Molato

National Director - Botswana

Kenosi is passionate to see Pastors in his home country Botswana better equipped to lead their congregations in God's word.