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Much of the world's evangelical church leaders have little access to solid theological resources. Quality seminaries are hundreds of miles away, travel is expensive and sometimes dangerous, computers and internet access—even electricity—are luxuries many cannot afford.

With new congregations forming daily, the global church is growing fast. Traditional methods for equipping church leaders are not able to keep up with this growth rate. There is a real hunger for good, solid Bible teaching. Unfortunately, a staggering number—18.7 million evangelical churches in the world todayare being led by men and women with no theological training.

How can these church leaders get the solid Biblical training they need to teach their congregations about the life-transforming, foundational truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Romans is a great place to start!



To equip pastors to abide in and feed their congregations from God's word.



We challenge pastors to immerse themselves in God's word by committing to read the book of Romans twenty times.


We have found that slowing down and hand copying scripture can be a valuable method to abide in God's word. Pastors are challenged write out their own copy of the book of Romans.


After the reading and writing challenge is complete, participants recieve an Mp3 player with a complete exposition of Romans plus over 800 messages from other Bible books. We encourage pastors to repeat this method of reading, writing and listening through God's word being taught, as they continue to grow and walk in truth.

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